Multi-Year Motor Insurance

As per the laws and regulations, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has made it mandatory for all the general insurance providing company in India to offer multi-year third-party insurance for the vehicles that are sold after 1st September 2018.

Car Insurance Claim Rejection

There can be certain instances when people find it difficult to understand why their four-wheeler insurance claim has been rejected in accidental or any other scenario. If you do not want to face any such similar situation, then there are certain lesser known facts and reasons that will help you file the claim successfully.

How do I open RSF Files

The RSF file extension means Reflection setting files. These .rsf files are the ones which are generated by the Reflection software. This reflection software is a terminal emulator which was designed by Microsoft Windows platform. It allows the users to connect their PCs to IBM mainframe computers. When the different configurations and settings are saved by the user in the software, these RSF files are created by the program.

How do you use an EaseUS clone?

Disk cloning helps in copying the hard disk from one to another one in very easy steps. To know how to use an EaseUS clone you can refer to the steps given below. It is very simple and safe to follow these steps and copy your hard drive from one destination to another. You can need copying or cloning the hard drives in various situations, so it is good to know how to use an EaseUS clone.

Change your Car insurance Company

Every car owner in India has to buy a car insurance in order to drive his car. There are basically two types of car insurances provided in India, Comprehensive and Third-party car insurance. The-third party car insurance offers complete coverage of the vehicle in times of accidents. Here, the insurance company covers the expense for the damage on the vehicle.

Is Recuva really free?

To discover that you have lost your data without a backup can be heart-stopping. Losing out on data is something which any individual can never afford. There are various software which can help you in recovering the lost data and in a pinch of time.

Car Insurance Policy

While deciding to buy a vehicular insurance, everyone looks to get the best premium rates and insurance covers. It is a lesser known fact that every insurance company has different policies and set of rules when it comes to claims and damage covers. It is thus suggested to make a proper survey and get into the details of various policies that you are interested to get for your vehicle.

Car Insurance Rise up even when there are no claims

While most of the people generally face troubles and hassles while getting a car insurance and the complex processes involved in it. Even after buying the car insurance from a trusted company at a fixed rate, the cost of the car insurance still can subsequently rise. Even if you have not made any such claims from your car insurance, it may be possible that you have to pay a higher premium rate over time.

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