Why Your Landing Page Should Have at Least 500 Words

I see a lot of landing pages, and I see a general lack. Too many landing pages do not have enough content.

Here are some examples.

This landing page contains 19 words, not counting menus.

I did not cherry-pick these landing pages for their accuracy of content. I just searched for some high-competition keywords, and opened these pages.

Are these landing pages successful? Maybe. But can they be more successful? Undoubtedly.

how? By having more words.

Case for a 500-word landing page
In most cases, I think landing pages should have more words.

Keep in mind that I am not talking about homepages. The homepage for KISSmetrics, for example, is 30 words. It’s not much, but that’s okay, because it’s a homepage, not a landing page.

The home page may or may not contain a lot of content. It depends on the product and the audience.

In this article, I am discussing the landing page – a page separate from the main website, which has a single, focused purpose: conversion.

Many landing pages are really short on content. And this is a problem, because the material is the one that converts. More content produces more conversions.

Why 500 words? At this length, you can provide enough information to help make a strong case for your product, and help explain it to the reader.

The whole point of a landing page is to create a conversion, and the best way to do this is by giving the user content.

Here you need to know more words.

More words are motivating
Users are persuaded by the words you write. When they read the copy, they would like to convert.

But more often than not, the user needs to be persuaded. Unless you have a lot of material, you cannot do it successfully.

What about images? Images are also inspiring. Obviously, there should be lots of images on your landing page. But the pictures cannot completely replace the material, no matter how spectacular those pictures are. Pictures and words work together, but you cannot completely ignore copy.

More words mean that people are more likely to act as you say.

More words provide information

 What is their intention

In most cases, the user has one of two objectives.

Objective 1: The user wants to buy.

If all users want to do this, then your job is simple. Just you need to give them a CTA. You may need a title or bullet list, just let them know they are in the right place. Do you need 500 words to get it? Probably not, if it is just the conversion you are going after.

But leave it for just one minute. How do users get to the point where they want to buy? No one shows up at this point in the shopping cycle with his or her credit card ready to leave money on the product or service. Somehow, someday, this user had to get information about the product or service.

Where did that information come from? It can come from a friend or social media or any other source. However, this information came from the landing page or website.

In other words, before the user who wants to buy, a user who wanted to get more information. Which leads me to another type of landing page visitor….

This type of users has a large number of clickthroughs. Your ad intrigues them, and they want to find out more. If your landing page does not provide enough information, you will not get their conversion. Your landing page fails because you have not provided enough content.

ConvertXL makes this point:

The best way to sell products and services is to add as much information about them. Pages and pages and pages, videos and pictures. It is true that 79% people did not read all this, but 16% people read it all! That 16% is your main target group.

More content is required, even if the user is at some point in the purchase cycle.Buyers today will be persuaded of the benefits of your product or service.

An article in the Summer 2012 issue of Harvard Business Review stated that today’s consumers and B2B buyers are not persuaded by salespersons selling solutions. Instead they agree to the best benefits with the solution.

Buyers already know what the solution is. Why would they need to sell it? They care about profit more than anything.

Therefore, show them the benefits. how do you do this?